Soccer Challenges PRO - Super Stars Football 2018
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  •         Pro soccer challenges 2018 is the best soccer simulation game. The game brings you 50+ unique soccer situations. Every level is a challenge, a nail biting socce...
Soccer Challenges PRO - Super Stars Football 2018
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Pro soccer challenges 2018 is the b [详情]
Pro soccer challenges 2018 is the best soccer simulation game. The game brings you 50+ unique soccer situations. Every level is a challenge, a nail biting soccer situation. You have to take control of your team and win the match. Feel of genuine football arena during soccer match and feel the heat of unlimited penalty kick challenges. You can build the best soccer players squad and take a leading position. Lead them all the way to win the soccer league tournament or football world cup challenges. Also challenge the women soccer rivals of the world champion league. Not only opponent team but ground it self has hurdles. Escape from sudden attacks of ground bumpy hurdles, pass and dribble around opponents, take aim, shoot and goal. Split defenses with precise through balls, or bend shots into the top corner, putting you in control for an experience. It’s the last minute of the game and your opponent has the ball, but he’s lost it. What a chance to score as winner. You can also customize your soccer 18 dream hero experience by changing shirt, shorts, skin. Show off your style and score to defend your national star colors. Pro soccer challenges 2018 & world football stars is the best mobile football soccer simulation game, smooth controls, realistic animations and ultimate actions. You can also control every player of your team through the easy joystick controls. Soccer Challenges PRO is the latest soccer game with amazing & different challenges like 1-on-1 penalty kicks. Realistic passes, powerful shots in this football game will add an amazing football gameplay experience. Unite your football team stars with the spirit of, as they are finest football club’s stars. The opponent women soccer team players will shoot the ball, dribble, and kick the penalties only to win. Declare yourself as a top goal scorer of the soccer league final match in real competition style, challenge your opponents from all over the world. Now this is your chance to build the best soccer team in the world. The realistic graphics and sound effect for football player, football field, and stadiums will make the football match come to life on your screen during games. Soccer Challenges PRO - World Football Stars Game Features: - The game brings you 50+ unique soccer situations - Incredible soccer challenges to prove your skills - Each levels brings you in a challenge, you have limited time to win the matches - Quick & authentic moves of your player and opponents on the soccer ground - Select your squad in Soccer Challenges PRO game - Latest and elegant visual effects more like television football match - Realistic graphics and sound effect will enhance the gameplay experience - Google play leaderboards & achievements to review top rankings
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