Fast Racing : Turbo Drift High Speed Furious Drive
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  •         Fast Racing : Turbo Drift High Speed Furious Drive is the best racing game of this year as the user gets the chance to drive the super charged motorsports turbo...
Fast Racing : Turbo Drift High Speed Furious Drive
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Fast Racing : Turbo Drift High Spee [详情]
Fast Racing : Turbo Drift High Speed Furious Drive is the best racing game of this year as the user gets the chance to drive the super charged motorsports turbo boosted cars on racing tracks and the city. The user will have to challenge all the famous racers from all over the globe. The game features high quality graphics, famous racing cars and high speed track which makes it complete racing mania. The user has to start with a basic level car, the user will have to find some success in city races and score big to earn some in game cash and buy new cars. The user can also use in game cash to modify his/her ride by applying various modifications to enhance its looks and performance. The game is all about fast racing and mad drift, the user will race the car in underground races like illegal street race or a drag race. Become the boss of the roads and drive fast, pass by the traffic and don’t allow the cops to chase your call. Smash the police cars and your opponent’s cars as well. Refill the nitrous tank and get on the racing track and never look back. This is a very passionate racing game, where you can drift in the city, destroyed traffic.  Cops high speed pursuit that this is your best choice if you like fast racing and furious drift games. Keep drifting, using nitrogen, keep your opponent behind the dust in the air and let the fast-moving car's rubber burn on the highway. When the road is full of traffic rush and you got a task to drive your racing car for racing in car among traffic racing and have a limited car health to reach the ending point. Get ready to drive high performance cars (turbo or naturally aspirated) and make them drift at high speed in tracks designed specifically for drift racing. Become the fastest driver in the city and earn respect from other teams. Show them who the real car racer is. Start driving and earning rewards, collect all items on the asphalt track and earn enough money to buy upgrades and new cars.  Following are some amazing features of the game: High Definition Display. High Quality Graphics. Various camera angles with variety of camera views. Amazing Visual effects (VFX) with detailed Sound Effects (VFX). Amazing physics written for the car ride. Multiple modifications for the car. Highly simulated weather engine to make it a realistic experience. Variety of races and challenges to test user driving skill. Cop smash and pursuit mode. One on One Drag Race. Turbo Boost and Nitro Boost for supercharged race. High quality racing tracks. Amazing controls for easy gameplay. Efficient processing with high rate of frames per second.
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