Baby Pets Bathing Care
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  •         Hi! Cute baby pets are so dirty and injured, and they need your help with wash and care! Download for free the latest Baby Pets Bathing Care game and look after...
Baby Pets Bathing Care
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Hi! Cute baby pets are so dirty and [详情]
Hi! Cute baby pets are so dirty and injured, and they need your help with wash and care! Download for free the latest Baby Pets Bathing Care game and look after your own pet! Choose one animal that you would like to take care of and have fun while playing this best entertaining game. Take your baby pet to pets nails spa, brush his teeth, select a lovely accessory and make it look stunning before taking a photo of him. This new kids game is going to thrill not only the youngest ones, but also all the rest who love looking after adorable animals that are so cute and cuddly. Your task is to wash and treat baby pets in order to make them feel better. They will look beautiful after going through so many soothing treatments. Groom a baby pet that you choose, a little cat, mouse or an adorable bunny, and have fun on your smartphone or tablet. Install this popular Baby Pets Bathing Care game and have tons of fun while giving a bath or brushing the fur of your cute baby animal. We all adore cute pets and like petting them and playing with them. If you are ready for tons of cuteness and would like to look after a dirty and messy virtual pet, then you can install the newest Baby Pets Bathing Care on your phone and start playing this cool animal game. For starters, you should decide which of these adorable baby pets you are going to take care of. This sweet animal is so dirty and needs a wash. Use soap and shampoo to make it clean again, and don't forget to treat the wounds. It is extremely important to brush teeth every day, so don't forget to clean the teeth of your baby pet animal. What follows after this is drying the fur and getting all cleaned up. Use the blow dryer and a towel to get the fur completely dry, you don't want your baby pet to get a cold. Why not making a top hairstyle to your cute animal. Apply the curler roller for a lovely one, but before that make sure to comb the hair of the cutest baby pet you have ever seen. It is sure that you will not be able to get separated from your tablet once you start playing this cool Baby Pets Bathing Care game. Features: - Interesting gameplay - Three adorable baby pets to take care of - Many treatments for your baby animal The cuddling baby animal that you love so much can be even prettier with a top headband or a lovely bow. You can beautify your baby pet with one of the sweet hairpins that are offered to you and no matter if you choose an adorable baby mouse, kitten or a baby bunny, they will look so fashionable with a lovely accessory. This baby animal likes wearing a lovely perfume and having powder and blush on the cheeks, so make sure to apply the makeup and make your pet happy. Tidy and painted nails are a part of every good look, so after you wash and treat baby pets, you can also cut the nails and select the perfect color for them. While you look after your own baby pet, you will have the chance to choose a cute accessory. Put a lovely hat on the head of your baby pet, select the best fashionable sunglasses and choose a wonderful collar that is going to suit your baby animal. The popular Baby Pets Bathing Care is an entertaining game that will keep you occupied for hours. After all that grooming your sweet animal is exhausted and hungry, so make sure to give him to eat and drink. Yummy cookies, sweet piece of cake or a tasty carrot will thrill your baby pet. Take a photo of the cleaned animal that used to be dirty and now is beautiful and share it with your friends. Everybody will enjoy while playing the latest Baby Pets Bathing Care app that can be downloaded for free on your tablet or phone! How to play: - Choose a baby pet that you wish to groom - Wash your pet and cure the injuries - Brush baby pet's teeth, cut nails and paint them - Choose a lovely accessory and give your pet food and drink
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